LM TOM Release 2.1 of the Market Business Glossary

The latest release of the Market Business Glossary is now ‘Live’, details as follows-:

Release 2.1 of the Market Business Glossary - part of the LM TOM Data Integration (DI) modernisation programme – includes data dashboards that provide insight into how data travel across the Market (creation, movement, format and uses) through the entire value chain. These are released in Beta version to validate usefulness and gather feedback on how to develop them further for the benefit of the Market. A further dashboard now available in the Glossary shows the adoption and use of the Market Business Glossary solution itself. The DI team is keen to receive feedback that will enable the identification of opportunities for additional usages and extensions of the Dashboards, to take full advantage of this new functionality.

Also included in release 2.1 is the Market Reform Contract (MRC) Data Dictionary, including a translation of MRC heading names to Structured Data Capture conversion rules. Additional mapping to ACORD standards will be available in an upcoming release of the Glossary.

More in the LMTOM folder.

16 March 2018