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                    Improved Data Protection Policy 

Dear DARA,

Having constantly monitored the evolution of the GDPR since its implementation last May, we have enhanced our Data Protection Policy template. A number of provisions have been added and refined to reflect current best practice, such as those dealing with consent, accountability, privacy by design, automated processing, and direct marketing.


As you have previously downloaded content from our GDPR & Data Protection Group, we think you will find this template to be particularly useful. A Data Protection Policy can be a valuable resource within a business, setting out key rules, procedures, and guidance on data protection compliance.

Please click on the link below to view this updated document.


Document Update:
GDPR Data Protection Policy 


We strongly recommend that you download this updated document to ensure full compliance with, and better understanding of, the GDPR and your obligations under data protection law as a whole. 

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14 March 2019